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December, 2015
Happy New Year!

Let the new year makes all your wishes come true...

December, 2015
Surprises at Modeko Izmir Furniture Fair

There will be many suprises at Modeko 2016! One of them is the street of avant-garde furniture companies...

December, 2015
Antexpo Is International Marketing Partner of Inelex

10th elevator and Elevator Technologies Exhibition will host international buyers with the support of Antexpo which is International Marketing Partner of EFOR Fairs.

November, 2015
Antexpo Will Organize Hosted Buyer Program for Modeko

Antexpo will organize Hosted Buyer Program for Modeko -27th Izmir Furniture and Decoration Fair which will take place in Fuar Izmir, the biggest fairground of Turkey on 24-28 February 2016.

November, 2015
Antexpo Was at Yapex with Indian Ceramic Companies

Antexpo was in Antalya for Yapex with its Indian Delegation and Ceramic companies exhibiting at the fair. 3D Digital Printed Ceramic Tiles had great Interest from the visitors.

November, 2015
Antexpo Buyers at Rimini

Antexpo broke the records in organizing Hosted Buyer Program for Rimini Fairs Ecomondo and Key Energy with the support of important associations in Turkey.

November, 2015
Modef Expo Has 34th Opening Ceremony

Modef Expo welcomed thousands of international buyers at Inegol. Please see our Facebook album for our hosted buyer groups and the fair photos.

October, 2015
Antexpo was in Frankfurt for Cleanzone

Antexpo visited Cleanzone Fair in Frankfurt to promote Cleanroom Exhibition which will take place in Istanbul in April 21-23, 2016.

October, 2015
Antexpo will organize Hosted Buyer Profram for Izmir Fairs

Antexpo will organize Hosted Buyer Programs for the two fairs in Izmır organized by EFOR Fairs. One is Modeko furniture and decoration fair, the other is INELEX, elevator fair.

October, 2015

Please follow our Facebook Album to see the photos of LED & ELEX & ELECTRONIST 2015 Fairs and Antexpo Hosted Buyer Program.

September, 2015
ISAF Security, IT Security and Smart Home Photos

Please follow our Facebook Album to see the photos of ISAF Security, IT Security and Smart Home Fairs and Antexpo Hosted Buyer Program.

September, 2015
ISAF Safety&Health and Fire&Rescue Photos

Please follow our Facebook Album to see the photos of ISAF Safety&Health and Fire&Rescue Fairs and Antexpo Hosted Buyer Program.

August, 2015
Inegol Furniture Manufacturers will break the records in Export Numbers Again

Again we are ready to organize furniture buyer groups for Modef Expo 2015 which will be on 3-7 November 2015. you can see our photo album of 2015 Buyer Photos at Facebook .

August, 2015
We are excited for ISAF SHF Fairs!

Fire, emergency, search and rescue, occupational health and safety, the most important fairs of the sector in Turkey Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health Exhibition had its days numbered. Antexpo scope of target countries; Middle East, Eastern Europe, continues to work with visitors Turkic Republics and African countries.

August, 2015
Few Days Left for LED & LED Lighting and Electronist Fairs

Preparations for the organization of the work we carry out overseas visitors LED & LED Lighting and Electronist Fairs continues at full speed.

July, 2015
Antexpo Fairs at Kazakh Media

Thanks to Kazakh Media Groups to promote Antexpo Fairs in more than five web site and newspapers!

July, 2015
Ecomondo and Key Energy Hosted Buyer Programs

This year Antexpo will organize a bigger program for International Hosted Buyer Groups at Ecomondo and Key Energy Fairs which will be on 3-6 November 2015.

July, 2015
Antexpo was in India to Promote Its Exhibitions!

Antexpo was in India with Asexpo to promote its exhibitions and organize buyer delegation for Turkish Trade Fairs. Please see our photo album at Facebook

May, 2015
Antexpo Has Just Started Marketing for Maintenance & Cleanroom Expos!

After such a successfull events Maintenance & Cleanroom Expos, Antexpo will continue marketing and selling booths for 2016 shows which will be held on 21-23 April 2016.

April, 2015
Driving Sustainability Within the Plastics Industry

The Downstream oil industry within the Middle East region is developing at a rapid pace as new technologies emerge and new global markets open up. This makes Gulf Plastics and Polymers Show (GPPS), taking place in Abu Dhabi on the 8 – 10 September 2015, the ideal place to take advantage of the market potentials.

April, 2015
Maintenance & Cleanroom Fair Photos

Visit our Facebook Page to see the Photos of Maintenance and Cleanroom Exhibitions on 16-18 April 2015 at Lutfi Kirdar.

April, 2015
Antexpo Will Organize Hosted Buyer Program for Marmara Fairs

Antexpo will organize Hosted Buyer Program for Marmara Fairs for the third times. The dates will be on 10-13 Sept. 17-20 Sept and 1-4 Oct for Security and Led lighting industries.

April, 2015
Visit our Facebook Page to see the Photos of Idealhome by Zuchex!

Visit our Facebook Page to see the Photos of Idealhome by Zuchex on 02-05 April 2015!

March, 2015
Antexpo Will Organize Hosted buyer Program for Anufood!

ANUFOOD Eurasia – powered by Anuga will be a new international leading industry hotspot for the Eurasian food industry between the dates 14-16 May, 2015 at Tuyap, Istanbul.

March, 2015
Antexpo is The Exclusive Agency of Downtown Design Dubai!

Downtown Design Dubai is the only event in the Middle East where the world’s most recognized design brands are able to showcase their latest creations and connect with the region’s trade professionals and key influencers.

March, 2015
Antexpo Organized Hosted Buyer Program for Foteg!!

Please click to see the the fair photos on our Facebook Page!

February, 2015
Antexpo is Calling Plastic and Polymer Industry to Abu Dhabi!!

Antexpo is the Exclusive Agency of Gulf Plastics & Polymer Show (GPPS) in Turkey. The event will take place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) on 8 – 10 September.

January, 2015
Qatar International Stadium Construction Exhibition

Antexpo is the Exclusive Agency of Qatar International Stadium Construction Exhibition in Turkey. The event will take place in Qatar National Convention Centre on 7-10 June 2015.

December, 2014
Antexpo Starts for Foteg 2015 Hosted Buyer Program

We invite you to visit Foteg Food Technologies Fair on 05-08 March 2015, Istanbul!

December, 2014
Maintenance and Cleanroom Industry Leaders are Ready For The Show!

We invite you to participate the Maintenance and Cleanroom Exhibition to meet the rich market opportunities of the booming region. 16 - 18 April 2015, Istanbul!

November, 2014
We were at Yapex Restoration Fair in Antalya!

Please click to see the the fair photos from Yapex Building and Restoration Fair 2014.

November, 2014
Modef Expo 2014 Photo Album

Please click to see the the fair photos and the delegation photos from Modef Expo 2014.

October, 2014
Antexpo and Modef Expo Contacted with Greek Partners

In October, Antexpo and Modef Expo met with the official institutions and companies to make cooperation in order to attract visitors for the international exhibitions.

October, 2014
A Record Breaking No Of Turkish Buyers for Ecomondo 2014!

Antexpo organized a record breaking number of Turkish and Lebanese buyers for Ecomondo Fair in Italy. Please click to see the the fair photos

October, 2014
To The Attention of Architects and Hotel Purchase Managers

Antexpo organizes a hosted buyer program for 5 Turkish Buyers to visit Sun Rimini Fair in Italy on 23-25 October 2014.

October, 2014
Antexpo is the Sales Agency of Maintenance and Cleanroom Fairs

Facility managers and “Cleanroom professionals” who design and engineer “extraordinary spaces” for facilities, will come together at the “one and only” Cleanroom Exhibition of Turkey in İstanbul,on 16th -18th April 2015.

October, 2014
Antexpo was in Dubai!

Antexpo visited The Hotel Show Dubai! Please click to see the the fair photos and the furniture companies to invite to Modef Expo.

September, 2014
LED, ELEX and ELECTRONIST Exhibition Hosted Buyer Program

Antexpo was visitor promotion partner of LED, ELEX and ELECTRONIST Exhibitions. Please click to see the international hosted buyers and the fair photos.

September, 2014
Visit our Facebook Page for ISAF Fairs!

Click to view the photo album of ISAF - Security, Fire, Safety & Health, IT Security, Smart Houses Fairs!

July, 2014
Modef Expo is Ready to Welcome 1500 VIP Buyers in 2014!

Modef Expo and Int'l Marketing and Visitor Promotion Partner Antexpo made connections in more than 30 countries to promote the show in order to attract VIP Buyers in furniture industry.

July, 2014
Antexpo Organize Buyer Delegation to Visit EPChina 2014 in Beijing!

Antexpo will organize buyer delegation from 5 countries to visit EP China 2014 (Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology). EPChina is one of the best electric power trade fairs in Asia!

April, 2014
Antexpo is Ready to Organize Buyer Delegation for Ecomondo & KeyEnergy

KeyEnergy will be organized concurrently with Ecomondo which will be on 5-8 November 2014, in Rimini - Italy. Antexpo will organize buyer delegation and booth sales for these fairs.

April, 2014
Antexpo Will Organize Buyer Delegation For Ecomondo 2015

Antexpo is responsible of organizing hosted buyer delegation and exhibitor promotions of Ecomondo which is is the platform of international strategies for ecological innovation and the transformation of waste into a resource.

April, 2014
Do not Miss to Attend SIGEP, World's Best!

Antexpo is the exclusive agent of SIGEP; 36th International Exhibition for the Artisan production of Gelato, Confectionery, Pastry and Bakery. The fair will take place in Rimini, Italy on 17-21 January 2015.

April, 2014
Antexpo Fairs were Promoted in Kazakhstan

Antexpo and Modef Expo visited official institutions and governmental bodies in Almaty, Kazakistan to promote its exhibitions and attract buyers for Turkish Fairs. Please click to see the photos.

April, 2014
Antexpo Ogranizes 150 Buyers for Busworld 2014

Antexpo is working for Busworld more than 5 months and successed organizing 150 buyers from Iran, Morocco, Bulgaria, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Portugal, Cameroon, Russia ve Ukraine. The fair will take place in Istanbul on 24-27 April 2014.

April, 2014
Dubai Wood Show Will Open Its Doors

Dubai Wood Show will open its doors in its 9th edition on 8th April 2014. Antexpo is exclusive agent of the fair in Turkey.

March, 2014
Marmara Fairs Promoted in Egypt Media Channels

Egypt's one of the most popular news portal El Bashayer News published the press release of Antexpo and Marmara Fairs. Please click to read the news in Arabic.

March, 2014
Hosted Buyer Program for Beijing/China Fair Ended

Antexpo’s buyer delegation for the 15th International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery Supplies and Accessories in Pekin/China between 25 to 28 February 2014 is completed. Please click to see the photos from the fair.

February, 2014
Building industry is meeting for tourism investments and facility renovations at Antalya!

Akdeniz Tanıtım organizes 22th International Building, Construction, Renovation Antalya Expo Center, between the dates 13-16 November 2014 with the cooperation of Antexpo. Click for more information.

February, 2014
Maintenance and CleanRoom Exhibitions

Antexpo is starting to the exhibitor organizations between 16 to 18 April 2015 with the cooperation of Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. for “Maintenence Istanbul” and “Cleanroom Exhibition” in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center.

February, 2014
Building Restoration, Renovation and Cultural Heritage Protection Fair

Yapex Restoration Fair organized by Akdeniz Tanıtım with the cooperation of Antexpo between 13-16 November 2014. Fair aims to bring together all investors, designers and manufacturers working for the purpose of restoration, protection, refunctioning architectural and archeological buildings.

February, 2014
10. Led & Led Lighting Fair

Turkey’s one and only fair 10 th 10th LED Systems, Technologies, Applications and LED Lighting Exhibition takes places at İstanbul Exhibiton Center between 25 to 28 September 2014 by Marmara Fair Organizations with the coperation of Antexpo. Antexpo organizes media and buyer delagation for this fair.

February, 2014
ELEX Fair is between 25 to 28 September 2014 in İFM

ELEX Exhibition (3rd Electricity Materials & Equipment,Electricity Transmission & Distribution Exhibition) and ELECTRONIST Exhibition (3rd Electronic Components, Power Supplies and Embedded Systems Exhibition) that started to be held in 2012 are the first exhibitions to be held within this scope in Turkiye.

February, 2014
ISAF - Security, Fire, Safety & Health, IT Security, Smart Houses Fairs

The exhibition where sector’s firms exhibit their products and which they track without fail and that has achieved record year-on-year growth every year is in İstanbul (IFM) between 18 to 21 September 2014.

February, 2014
WMA WMF Exhibition in Beijing

Antexpo’s buyer delegation for the 15th International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery Supplies and Accessories in Beijing/China between 25 to 28 February 2014 is completed. The buyer delagation organized by Antexpo consists 50 buyers from Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Azerbaijan.

February, 2014
Antexpo's International Buyer Delagation Organizations

Antexpo started buyer delagation programs for ISAF Security, ISAF Fire, ISAF Safety & Health, ISAF IT Security, ISAF Smart Houses Fairs between 18 to 21 September and LED & LED Lighting, Elex, Elektronist Fairs between 25 to 28 September 2014 with the cooperation of Marmara Fair Organization.

February, 2014
RiminiWellness- 9th Fitness Wellness Sport on Stage

Antexpo is organizing a buyer delation from Turkey and Lebanon for “RiminiWellness- 9th Fitness Wellness Sport on Stage” fair between 30th of May to 2nd of June 2014.

January, 2014
Busworld Istanbul

Antexpo is organizing a buyer delagation for the 5th International Trade Fair For Bus Industry and Accessories Fair in İstanbul between 24 to 27 April 2014. 200 people from 20 differrent countries are expected to come to the fair this year.

January, 2014
Sigep Breaks Records!

Sigep internation exhibiton for the artisan production of gelato, pastry, confectionary and bakery breaks record with 173,904 visitors in total. Click for the details and the pictures.

December, 2013
Antexpo Celebrates Their 2nd Birthday

Antexpo has achieved great accomplishments in such a short time and thanks to all the organizators that they have worked with.

December, 2013
The Biggest Event in Oman for the Food and Hospitality Sector

Take your place in the 9th International Exhibition of Food & Beverage, Food Processing Technology, Kitchen & Catering Equipment,Packaging Systems, Restaurants and Cafes & Related Services between 9 to 11 September 2014.

December, 2013
The 15th International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Manufacturing Equipment (WMF 2014) – Supplies and Accessories (WMA 2014)

Antexpo is orginazing a buyer delagation for WMA 2014 and WMF 2014 exhibitions in Pekin /China between 25 to 28 February 2014

December, 2013

Antexpo is going to be in SMA MEDFOOD - The 10th Mediterranean Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry in Tunusia. Click for more information and early reservation not to miss this exclusive opportunity.

December, 2013
Antexpo's Achievements in 2 Years with Numbers

Antexpo; sold 770 meter square stands in both in Turkey and abroad, brought 2900 foreign buyer firms to the fairs in Turkey and invited 40 foreign high level president of association and Trade and Industrial Chamber presidents only in 2 years.

November, 2013
Yapex Post Show Report Is Now Published

Yapex Builing Exhibition with Antexpo’s cooperation, celebrated 21st anniversary on 31st October-3rd November 2013, with a very successful business performance in Antalya. More than 31 thousand professionals visited the fair. Click for the Yapex Post Show Report.

November, 2013
Antexpo Has Began Selling Booths for The 9th Dubai Woodshow

Antexpo has began selling booths for the biggest wood and wood industry fair in Middle East and North Africa; Dubai Woodshow between 8 to 10 April 2014. Please contact to be a part of this great organization...

November, 2013
Sigep - 35th International Exhibition for the Artistan Production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionary and Bakery

Antexpo is constituting its buyer delagation and the exhibitors for the Sigep Expo in Italy/Rimini between 18 to 22 January 2014. Please contact to be a part of this great organization...

November, 2013
Domotex is between 7 to 10 November in İstanbul Expo Center

Antexpo hosts special, decison maker firms of the comprehensive Middle East projects firms from UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, KSA. Furthermore, a crowded delagation from Iran, Iraq and Jordan visitted the fair. Click for the pictures.

November, 2013
Domotex Fair Opens November 7

High-level chairs of General Union of Yemeni Contractors, Oman society of contractors, Association of Professional Interior Designers, Bahrain Contractors Society, Kuwait Society of Engineers/ including Architect association, Contractors Nat.Committee in Council for Saudi Chambers (CSC), Society of engineers UAE, Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut are coming for the fair.

November, 2013
Ecomondo 2013 Opened

Click for the images of Ecomondo/Key Energy Fair in Italy, Rimini between 6 to 9 November 2013.

November, 2013
Modef Expo 2013 - Buyer Delagation Organization

Click for the images of the buyer delagation and Modef Expo fair organized in Inegöl between 4 to 9 November 2013.

November, 2013
Visitor Traffic in Modef Expo

The attention to the 30th Modef Expo is very high this year. Countless visitors have arrived to the fair. Turkish and foreign visitors compete with each others to interview with most of the exhibitor firms.

November, 2013
Modef Expo is Filled With Foreigners

Modef Expo is filled with foreigners right in this moment. 30th Furniture and Decoration Fair Modef Expo continues in full career between 4 to 9 November in İnegöl. [5 November 2013 11:00]

November, 2013
Antexpo is Ready for Ecomondo 2013

Turkey Buyer Delagation that organized by Antexpo for 17th Ecomondo/ Key Energy expo is ready! They are going to take the road on Nov. 6... The expo is from 6th to 9th November in Italy / Rimini.

November, 2013
30th Modef Expo is Opened

Modef Expo 30th Furniture & Decoration Fair doors opened at 14:00 4th Nov. İn İnegöl, capital city of the furniture. Antexpo breaks the record again with İFOR cooperation on the number of foreign buyer delagation; 1400!

November, 2013
Antexpo is at YAPEX with Iran Buyer Delagation

Click for the second day's schedule of YAPEX 2013 Building Exhibiton 2013 Antalya that is going to continue until November the 3rd.Click for the expo photographs.

October, 2013
Yapex Restoration Expo Now Open

YAPEX Restoration and Renovation fair is now open. Antexpo is in Antalya between October 31st to November the 3rd.

October, 2013
Yapex Restoration Expo Begins October 31 in Antalya Expo Center

Trade missions from African countries, groups of engineers and contractors from Iran, Germany and Kyrgzstan and registered professionals from 13 cities in Turkey are coming to YAPEX.

October, 2013
Antexpo Breaks Records With 6 Expos In 2 Weeks

This week's expo calendar... 31 Oct- 3 November Antalya Yapex... 4-9 Nov İnegöl Modef Expo, 6-9 November Italy Ecomondo and Key Energy. Lastly 7-10 November Istanbuş Domotex Middle East Expo...

October, 2013
Restoration Renovation Cultural Legacy Fund Expo Preperations Are Almost Done

21 municipalities are preparing for the restoration expo in Antalya Expo Center between 31 October-3 November that is going to be organized by Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. at the same time with Yapex Yapı. Click for more details.

October, 2013
Modef Expo Honors 1100 Buyers

Modef Expo continues breaking records both in it's sector and the country in buyer delagation organizations. Modef Expo was organized by the cooperation between IFOR Expo and Antexpo and honored 602 buyers. It is certaion that this number is going to exceed 1100 this year.

October, 2013
CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia Opens October 24

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia opens October 24. Buyers are from Iran, Bulgaria, Ukrain, Uzbekstan and Pakistan in Antexpo's buyer delegation.

October, 2013
CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia Honors Media Groups That Antexpo Invited

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia honors the media groups invited by Antexpo between 24-27th of October. All the editors from from Russia, AzerNews from Azerbaijan, Al Watan newspaper from Qatar and Gazeta from Kazakhstan are going to evaluate the information sector in Turkey during the fair.

October, 2013
Modef Expo in Macedonia's All News Portals

All the news portals are filled with Modef Expo news in Macedonia. One of them is from general news agency.Click for more details.

October, 2013
Antexpo and 43 Commercial Counsellors Came Together in Ankara

Antexpo interviewed with 43 commercial counsellors comming from 24 countries about hosted buyer programs...

September, 2013
ISAF 2013 Buyers and The Photos

This year AntExpo organized a delegation with 87 buyers from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Palestine, UAE, Jordan, Macedonia, Pakistan for ISAF 2013! Follow this link for the ISAF 2013 Photos.

September, 2013
Security & Safety Conference at ISAF Fair

The only conference which covers all aspects of security in Turkey Security&Safety Conference will be the first conference which covers all areas about Security, Fire, Safety and Emergency.

September, 2013
Modef Expo Will Host 800 Buyers at The Best Hotels in Bursa & Inegol

Inegol, Bursa - Turkey will play host to the 30th Modef Expo - Furniture and Decoration Fair from 4-9 November 2013 and the fair organizer IFOR will welcome all the buyers at the best hotels of Bursa & Inegol. The buyers should contact AntExpo at least 1 month prior to the event to arrange their accommodations.

September, 2013
Technology leaders are coming to Istanbul for CeBIT Global Conference!

CeBIT Synergy Summit, which will be held simultaneously with CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia on 24-27 October 2013, at WOW Convention Center will host the world-famous speakers.

September, 2013
There is great interest on DOMOTEX Middle East Exhibition!

Due to the rise in the construction sector, the exhibition will host a large number of solutions from mainly favored carpet firms and flooring brands. Domotex Middle East will be held on 7 to 10 October 2013, in Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul-Turkey.

September, 2013
Restoration of Historic Towns and Conservation Projects at Yapex Fair

AntEpo, which is working for local and foreign participation at Yapex Restoration Fair, will welcome conservation and renovation projects and the municipalities in the Fair. Please follow which is updated by AntExpo to get more information about the fair and the industry.

August, 2013
AHEC participation at "INTERMOB 2013" and "ARKIMEET"!

AHEC will participate at "INTERMOB 2013" and "ARKIMEET" to help bolster stronger trade ties with Turkish timber sector. American Hardwood pavilion to showcase wide range, consistent quality and long term availability of U.S. hardwoods.

August, 2013
American hardwood industry endorses EU Timber Regulation

AHEC, the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry, has announced its support and endorsement of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which came into effect in March this year and aims to eradicate illegal timber trade within the EU.

August, 2013
Nijerian Buyers Are Looking For Turkish Doors & Its Accessories

Nijerian Buyers are looking for turkish door locks manufacturers, door skins manufacturers and MDF doors for wardrobes and cabinets manufacturers. contact AntExpo for more details.

August, 2013
Demand Came From Uzbekistan For Diapers

Please contact AntExpo, if you are interested in the buyer from Uzbekistan regarding the trade for Diapers.

July, 2013
Delegation for Key Energy Fair in Italy

Antexpo, in co-operation with Italian exhibition organiser Rimini Fiera , organize a buyer delegation from Turkey for the upcoming edition for KEY ENERGY –7th International Expo for Sustainable Energy and Mobility which is being held simultaneously with ECOMONDO.

July, 2013
Delegation of Energy Professionals to Italy

Antexpo, in co-operation with Italian exhibition organiser Rimini Fiera , organize a buyer delegation from Turkey for the upcoming edition of ECOMONDO –17th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development - taking place at Rimini Expo Centre from 06th to 09th November 2013. Buyers will participate in the pre-scheduled B2B meetings during 1 show day.

July, 2013
Join The Delegation for International Exhibition of Outdoor Products in Italy

Antexpo, in co-operation with well-known Italian exhibition organiser Rimini Fiera, organize a buyer delegation from Turkey and UAE for the upcoming edition of SUN - 31st edition of the International Exhibition of Outdoor Products and GIOSUN 2013- 28th GIOSUN International Exhibition of outdoor toys and games - taking place simultaneously at Rimini Expo Centre 6th / 8th October 2013.

July, 2013
Co-operation of AntExpo & Rimini Fiera SpA

Antexpo specialized in organizing hosted buyer delegation has signed a long term agreement with the leading Italian organizer "Rimini Fiera SpA" for the upcoming editions of SUN-GIOSUN, ECOMONDO, KEY ENERGY, SIGEP, RHEX ve TECHNODOMUS Fairs.

June, 2013
AntExpo Fairs in "Best International Fairs" May Catalogue

Best International Fairs May Catalogue has been published with AntExpo ads! The Exhibitons which AntExpo is working for the visitor promotion & hosted buyer program are in the catalogue. Follow this link!

June, 2013
WIN Metal Working Fair 2013 Photos

International professionals has visited WIN Metal Working 2013 from 58 countries during 6-9 June 2013 at Tuyap. AntExpo organized hosted buyer program and invited the chairmen/presidents of associations and international media groups.Follow our Facebook Account -

June, 2013
The Photos Taken From Animalia 2013 and AntExpo Buyer Groups

AntExpo organized buyer groups from 15 countries and welcome 100 professional visitors at Animalia 2013 which was held on 6-9 June 2013 at Istanbul Expo Center. Follow our Facebook Account -

June, 2013
Opening Ceremony Program of WIN Metal Working Exhibition Has Been Announced

WIN Metal Working Exhibition Opening Ceremony has been announced. For details please review the address.

June, 2013
Overseas Promotion of Cebit IT Euroasia Has Been Started

In 2012, Cebit Bilisim Euroasia Welcomed media groups from 10 countries and 50 buyer groups from 13 countries. The organizer Hannover Messe Interpro Fairs has decided to continue with Antexpo to organize buyer delegation and for media planning. Fair dates: 24-27 October 2013.

June, 2013
AntExpo News in Lebanon Media

El Shamal, Lebanon's one of the most important publications, has announced AntExpo hosted buyer program to attract buyers from Middle East.

June, 2013
Do not Miss Animalia Events!

Count down started for Animalia, which will be held on 6-9 June 2013 at Istanbul Expo Center. There will be many events for the sector professionals during the fair. Follow the web site

June, 2013
AntExpo News in Azerbaijan Media

AntExpo is one of the few companies which is specialized in organizing hosted buyer delegation both from Turkey and abroad. AntExpo is promoted in AzerNews, one of the top newspapers in Azerbaijan with its new fairs organized by Marmara Fairs.

May, 2013
ISAF Exhibition will cover 5 different exhibitions

Isaf Exhibition organized by Marmara Fairs and in conjuction with Antexpo for visitor promotions , will be held between 19th-22nd September,2013 with 5 different exhibitions. ISAF SECURITY, ISAF FIRE, ISAF SAFETY&HEALTH, ISAF IT SECURITY and ISAF SMART HOUSES is going to be held att Istanbul Expo Center.

May, 2013
LED& LED Lighting Fair will be held in September, 26th-29th!

In the fair where especially LED Lighting products are intensively exhibited, all kinds of LED products and LED components such as LED displays, advertisement products, decorative products, interior and exterior lighting equipment are altogether exhibited. Elex and Electronist Fairs will also be held at the same period of LED & LED Lighting.

May, 2013
Antexpo and Expopromoter collaboration have started

ExpoPromoter combining 82,364 events by more than 8,538 event organizers , open it’s doors to Turkey with Antexpo . If you want your event to be listed on 1000+ partner websites and be a part of it , register this Expopromoter buyer programme 3 months before the exhibition .

May, 2013
World of Industry WIN Metal Working on 6-9 June 2013

Discover a complete range of products and services, from machine tools to precision tools, automation components and customized systems. Come to learn, network and sign deals at this in-depth showcase for the latest products and trends in Metal Working, Welding and Surface Treatment. Antexpo is ready to welcome 15 Top Presidents of Related Industrial Associations!

April, 2013
Middle East Media Planning at AntExpo

Antexpo started to provide consultancy services who are interested to increase their trade volume at Middle East , while they promote relations with international media and press for the visitor promotion and media planning of their existing projects. They strenghten their relations in UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Macedonia.

April, 2013
Marmara Fair Organization will welcome Antexpo buyer delegation in 2013

ISAF (Security, Fire, Safety&Health, IT Security, Smart Houses) , LED & Lighting, ELEX and Electronist Fairs which are being organized by Marmara Fair Organization will increase their trade volume with Antexpo buyer delegation. Antexpo already reached the industrial buyers with it’s agents.

April, 2013
Animalia welcomes the professionals from 18 different countries

Antexpo welcomes 100 professional buyers from 18 different countries at ANIMALIA 2013 - 10th International Trade Fair for Livestock & Cattle Breeding which is going to be organized by HKF Trade Fairs between 06 – 09 June 2013 at Istanbul Expo Center / CNR Expo - Turkey .

April, 2013
Main Theme at Restoration Fair 2013: CITY MUSEUMS

Restoration, Renovation and Cultural Heritage Protection Fair organized by Akdeniz Tanitim as a part of International YAPEX Fairs will be organized between 31st October-3rd November 2013 at Antalya Expo Center with the theme of CITY MUSEUMS in collaboration with ÇEKÜL - The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage and support from the Union of Historical Towns of Turkey

March, 2013
AntExpo has Welcomed Top Representatives from 12 Different Countries at WIN Fair

AntExpo has welcomed the association directors, buyers and media members from KSA, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Morocco, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Palestine at WIN Automation Fair which was held between 21st-24th March, 2013.

March, 2013
AntExpo was in Morocco!

AntExpo was in Morocco with IFOR Fairs between the dates of 12th-14th March and had business meetings in Casablanca with the most respected government agencies . These agencies who organize buyer delegations and inform their members about the upcoming events regularly, informed that Moroccon companies are very interested to improve their trade relations with Turkish companies.

February, 2013
Professionals in Food Industry Will Meet at Foteg

Foteg Istanbul 2013, Food Processing and Packaging Technologies International Trade Fair, is opening its doors for the 11th time in Istanbul (CNR) Expo Center, at Hall 1 & 2 on March 7-10, 2013. Openning Ceremony will be at 11.30 am on March 7th, and the professionals in food industry will meet in this important platform.

February, 2013
AntExpo Analysed Algeria Market

Antexpo was in Algeria with IFOR Fairs between 17th-19th February and had meetings with Commercial Counsellor and the agencies who organize buyer delegation for the events, visited Furniture, Machinery, Agriculture, Livestock and Food Fairs. You may visit our facebook page to see some photos.

February, 2013
AntExpo is Working for Modef Expo 2013

Antexpo will be responsible for the international visitor promotion and media planning of Modef Expo (30th Furniture & Decoration Fair) which will be held on 04-09 November 2013 in Inegol, Turkey. It is the best exhibition for Inegol furniture companies to export and the target for AntExpo is +600 buyers for 2013!

January, 2013
AntExpo will Organize a Record Number of Buyers to Foteg

11th FOTEG ISTANBUL 2013, the International Trade Fair for Food Processing Technologies which will be held between 7-10 March 2013 at the Istanbul Expo Center, in Halls 1 and 2 and AntExpo will organize 500 Hosted Buyers from 25 countries. Media collaborations in more than 10 countries will support this event.

January, 2013
WIN Automation will be held on 21-24 March!

The fair, which brought “Industrial Automation”, “Electric-Electronic”, “Hydraulic & Pneumatics” and “Internal Logistics” sectors together under the name of WIN Phase 2 in previous years, will be held as WIN Automation this year between 21-24 March 2013 at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.

January, 2013
Happy New Year From AntExpo

Happy New Year with the excitement of having met all the expectations of the companies we work in 2012! Thank you also to companies with whom we "already" collaborate for 2013.

December, 2012
Antexpo is Int'l Sales Management Office of YAPEX Exhibitions

Yapex Exhibitions creates a big synergy between industry leaders in Antalya Expo Center with four fairs this year, between the dates 31 Oct.-3 Nov. 2013. AntExpo is Int'l Sales Management Office of YAPEX Exhibitions; “Yapex Renovation”, “Yapex Windoor” and “Yapex Ceramic&Bathroom”.

December, 2012
Restoration Fair Will Repeat With AntExpo

Yapex Renovation Fair organized as a part of International YAPEX Fairs will be organized between 31st October-3rd November 2013 with the theme of Restoration, Renovation and Cultural Heritage Protection. Contact AntExpo to exhibit at the fair with the best options!

December, 2012
AntExpo is the Exclusive Turkey Agent of The Dubai WoodShow

The Dubai WoodShow is the most valuable platform for the regional and international wood and woodworking industries in Middle East. The 8th edition of the Dubai WoodShow takes place on 9 – 11 of April 2013 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

December, 2012
AntExpo Fair Photos Now at Facebook!

Please click for the pictures taken during the fairs which AntExpo supports with International hosted buyer programs, exhibitor and visitor promotions and media plannings.

November, 2012
HKF Trade Fairs and AntExpo Partnership

HKF Trade Fairs is cooperating with AntExpo as International Visitor Promoter and Media Planning Partner. AntExpo is conducting the international visitor promotion and media planning especially in Middle East region.

November, 2012
CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia Set to Open Doors to World’s Most Dynamic Market

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia will open the doors to the world’s most rapidly expanding market on 29 November-2 December 2012 at CNR EXPO, Istanbul. AntExpo is ready for the show with its International media groups and the Buyer Delegation from the Middle East and the Turkic Republics.

November, 2012
Antexpo Organizes Buyer Delegation for Dubai International Jewellery Week 2012

AntExpo organizes a group of buyers to visit Dubai International Jewellery Week 2012 and attend the show with its 20 Turkish and 10 Azerbaijani delegates between 21-23 November 2012.

November, 2012
DOMOTEX Middle East Opening Ceremony Program!

DOMOTEX Middle East, the leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings in Turkey and Middle East is ready to welcome its exhibitors and visitors between 8 - 11 November 2012 in Istanbul Expo Center. The opening ceremony program has been anounced by the organizer and Mr. Zafer Çağlayan, Minister of The Ministry of Economy of Turkish Republic will make the opening!

September, 2012
AntExpo Supports WIN - World of Industry

WIN - World of Industry, being the most important trade show of the manufacturing industry in Eurasian region,contiunes to welcome its visitors with its 7 leading industries and 7 different fairs. AntExpo takes responsibility for marketing, media planning, international visitors and hosted buyer programme of WIN. WIN 1 6-9 June 2013 / WIN 2 21-24 March 2013.

September, 2012
ICT Industry Meets at CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia

Being the number one ICT fair in Eurasia, CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia, held between 29 November-2 December 2012 at Istanbul Expo Center/Turkey, will once again be "The meeting point of ICT industry". Cebit Bilisim Eurasia ,which AntExpo plays a role in international marketing, exhibitors, media planning and hosted buyer programme, targets 28 different countries.

September, 2012
Co-operation of AntExpo & Domotex Middle East

AntExpo carry on business with the leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings fair “DOMOTEX Middle East” in international marketing , media planning , visitors and hosted buyer programme . After six successful years in Dubai , the fair will be organized at CNR EXPO Center- Istanbul . Mark it on your calendar : 8 - 11 November,2012 .

September, 2012
AHEC outlines the importance of using kiln-dried American hardwoods in Turkey

Participation at Intermob 2012 to throw the spotlight on the kiln-drying process, lumber grading, working properties and environmental credentials of U.S. hardwoods.

July, 2012
American Hardwood Export Council will expand its promotion in Turkey

AHEC is the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry, representing companies and trade associations engaged in the export of a full range of U.S. hardwood products. AHEC is now looking to expand their promotion and education activities in Turkey.

July, 2012
Postponement of India International Furniture Fair 2012

Due to the growing economic turmoil in Europe which is greatly affecting the furniture industry not just in India but globally, the organizers have decided to postpone the scheduled show in New Delhi this December.

June, 2012
Introduce Your Company to 100.000 Professional with Gulf Construction

Gulf Construction is the undisputed leading trade journal for the building and construction industries of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. Do not miss the opportunities of Antexpo for August issue!

June, 2012
33th Issue of Betonart Has Been Published!

Zaha Hadid, Hüseyin Çağlayan, Helene Binet, Dina Abargil, Pina Bausch and other famous names are in 33th issue of Betonart. Do not wait to advertise in the next issue!

June, 2012
DOMOTEX Middle East relocates to Istanbul

DOMOTEX Middle East, the leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings in the MENA Region (Middle East/North Africa), is on the move. After six successful years in Dubai, the fair will now be staged at the CNR EXPO Center in Istanbul from 8 to 11 November 2012.

May, 2012
India is Inviting the Manufacturing Countries in Furniture Industry

IIFF - India Int'l Furniture Fair will welcome the manufacturing countries on 6-9 December 2012 at New Delhi, India.

May, 2012
AntExpo is the Agent of Singapore Furniture and The Hospitaly Shows

AntExpo is the exclusive Turkey and Middle East agent of IFFS, Deco Asia and The Hospitality Show which will be organized on 9-12 March 2013.

May, 2012
Hosted Buyer Programs For International Exhibitions

AntExpo organizes hosted buyer programs for international exhibitions with the participation of foreign professionals & sectoral community, and also provides organizers with distinguished after-fair evaluation reports.

May, 2012
AntExpo Supports Foreign Companies' Participation To The Exhibitions

AntExpo promotes international exhibitions abroad in targeted markets, and supports the participation of sectoral companies to such fairs.

May, 2012
Furniture Industry Come Together In Modef Expo 2012

Organized by IFOR Exhibitions on 10-14 October, 2012, Modef Expo will bring together the furniture industry in Bursa/İnegöl/Turkey.

April, 2012
Companies Targeting North Africa in Exports Choose Turkey's Trade Magazine

Turkey's Trade Magazine, which will be distributed in the north and west African countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Western Sahara), provides incredible opportunities thru AntExpo for the companies targeting export to the region.

April, 2012
Algeria - Turkey Business Matchmaking Program

In the Algeria & Turkey Business Matchmaking Program organized by AntExpo and Turalcom, each Turkish company is introduced to 5 customers in Algeria.

April, 2012
International Companies Are Catching Opportunities In The Northern Iraq With Sulaimaniya Exhibitions

Northern Iraq's Management's reservation of $2 billion budget for the reconstruction of Sulaimaniya, and foreseeing of $5 billion infrastructure expenditures are attracting foreign interest to this market.

March, 2012
AntExpo is taking Turkish Food Companies to Kosova with the Agrokos Exhibition

The Turkish Food Companies that target to enter the Kosova market will be exhibiting in the Agrokos Exhibition to take place in Pristina on 24-27 October 2012 with the intermediation of AntExpo.

February, 2012
Timber Shapers' Magazine: TDT Middle East

The unique timber magazine of the middle east, "Timber, Design & Technology Middle East Magazine", will publish Turkey Special Issue in September of this year. April issue will be distributed free of charge in the Dubai Wood Show. Please contact AntExpo for the advantageous advertising packages.

January, 2012
Yapex Renovation 2012: Turkey's Unique Restoration & Renovation Exhibition

Restoration & renovation experts, building preservation & maintenance material manufacturers and all related parties will come together in this exhibition that will take place between the dates 18-21 October 2012.

January, 2012
AntExpo & Betonart Cooperation

AntExpo will be responsible for marketing and sales support of the Betonart on their 9th anniversary. Betonart is a well known magazine with its extense distribution channel and distinguished reader profile.

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What else can be expected from a service company in the business world? May be digging a well with a needle... Showing persistent effort without compromising discipline... Putting forth what can be done before being asked... And many other positive features. AntExpo team has taken its name from the hardworking Ants. Even though they are not like ants in numbers, they are hardworking, focused, business oriented and disciplined as them. We have observed this in our cooperation with them through out the years. We have always required these ants. It is a distinguished feature in the business world to name the owned expertise with a modest name. The AntExpo team, with no doubt, provide numerous high quality products and services to the companies they work with. We wish success to them and to the companies they cooperate with!"

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"There are two kinds of attitude in the people and companies operating in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Organization. First one is based on the show off, empty promises and temporary approaches that is the repetition of previous experiences and imitation. Briefly and to the point they target to get the fastest result. However the second attitude is the one which provides emphaty for its customers, target-oriented approach and unconstrained to any known templates. Second one is hard to achieve and rarely seen, because if you have this attitude;

* The most important thing is sustainable relations and mutual trust,
* You see the clients as partners rather than customers,
* You aim not the money of the clients but being a real solution partner for them,
* You are not content with the usual methods and willing to experience the unattempted ones,
* You continuosly develop the business network, develop the network as being a part of it and reach the common success at the end,
* You generate innovative and creative ideas for every company/product/service,
* You carry on every work till the end with the same energy.

AntExpo Team is the one who follows the second way, they love challenge and success..."

Binat İletişim & Danışmanlık, İstanbul


"I have been working with the team of AntExpo for the last three years. In this period, they were able to secure a significant number of advertising clients for our interior design & architecture magazine. I'm looking forward to continuing and growing our collaboration in our new publications."

Citrus Media Group, Dubai


"I would like to thank you for your performance and quick follow-up in the previous period. Your dedication and awareness to customer service in a professional way is highly appreciated and well recognized. I wish you all the best of success in your new company and a bright future with great achievements."

Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association (EJB)


"Every expo market is different and we’re glad to have AntExpo as our partner in Turkey. Working together with their team brings more success to both of the companies."



"Although the association between AHEC and AntExpo has been short so far, we are very pleased with the professionalism and commitment to the project exhibited by all the staff. Because of this, we are confident that we shall be able to build upon this relationship in the coming months and years. So far, AntExpo have proven to be the right partner for us in Turkey and we look forward to a successful future working together."

AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council), USA


"We would like to thank the young AntExpo Team for the visionary work we have carried out together. They have improved the work of our visitor department, and enhanced our vision for the exhibitions. We hope that your success will increase with each passing day with your unique team spirit."

IFOR Fairs, İnegöl-Bursa


"On behalf of Al Nassiriyah Chamber of Commerce and Thi Qar business community, we present our gratitude and deep appreciation for you kind and professional support and assistance to the business delegation from Thi Qar and Basra during the exhibitions. It was a great opportunity to the businessmen and entrepreneurs to explore the business matchmaking opportunities and, in turn, resulted in four successful cases.

Your job commitment and your creative solution for the problem raised during the event make the delegation so happy and satisfied. Based on the positive feedback above-mentioned, we, again present our thanks and acknowledgement to you and we hope more cooperation between our Center (Enterprise Development Center) and your Company in the future."

Al Nassiriyah Chamber of Commerce, Iraq


"AntExpo team are mind-set and target oriented professionals. With their excellent knowledge of the industry, they made it easy for all of us to identify our key prospects and fulfill the set objectives as anticipated. I enjoyed working with them from conceptualization to delivery and I look forward to work with them on forthcoming projects"

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE


"On behalf of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries ( ACCI) we would like to present our compliments to the AntExpo and deep appreciation for your kind and professional support and assistance to the business delegations from Afghanistan. ACCI has been working with the professional team of AntExpo since 2011, in this period, both parties able to secure a significant business relation among two countries, we found that every expo market is different and we’re glad to have AntExpo as our partner in Turkey, so we are looking forward to continuing and growing our collaboration in participation of Afghan business community in upcoming fairs of AntExpo."

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry “ACCI”


"We are pleased with our partnership with the young and dynamic team of AntExpo, which succeeded in promoting business and establishing broad relations with business entities thanks to their creative approaches, commitment, accuracy, and excellent organizational skills. We are seeking closer cooperation with this group of professionals and are keen on further partnership."

AZERNEWS Newspaper, Azerbaijan


"CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia and CeBIT Synergy Summit, top Eurasian IT, Technology and Communication Platform, welcomed AntExpo buyer delegation and media groups from The Middle East countries. More than a hundred news, articles, interviews published in TV, radio, newspapers and web sites. We hope to continue this sinergy in 2013 and the next years with AntExpo which acts like a part of our team during the fair."

Hannover Fairs Interpro Uluslararası Fuarcılık, Istanbul


"Dear Antexpo team, you are combination of professionalism and great human qualities. I am very pleased that we are working together. Wish you long-term prospective projects, satisfied customers and a good atmosphere in your team."

Expocontact Ltd, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan


"We would greatly appreciate AntExpo team for their performance and their support, surely we are glad to cooperate with AntExpo. AntExpo opened the doors of opportunities for Iranian delegates who like to expand business cooperation and their knowledge. We hope to be successful and we look forward to work with them on forthcoming projects."

Pars Rastak Co., Iran


"On the behalf of El-Fares Holding Co. management team, it gives us a great pleasure to resume our long and intimate business relationship with Antexpo senior executives. Thanks a million for broaden and promoted our company scope."

El Fares Holding/, Egypt


"BRIC countries and Turkey are among the important markets. To reach Middle East and African markets are among the plans of many companies. The exhibitions organised in Istanbul and Dubai are more infront. It is not easy to find specialised teams in each countries of these markets. Antexpo succeeds it very well. There are more than 100 representatives of Hannover Messe worldwide. The network developed with the contributional works of Antexpo. We work together with Antexpo team members, who are disciplined and enjoyable at the same time and we are happy."

Hannover Messe International Istanbul, Turkey


"We join Antexpo fairs for two years with our Kosova and Albania Buyer Groups. Most of our visitors signed purchase deals and continue their busness with the exhibiting companies. The visitors in our groups were very satisfied with Antexpo services. As in previous fairs, Modef Expo was held perfect. While such an assessment, we want to indicate that working with Antexpo is really good and they have professional staff. Therefore, we always want to work with Antexpo as KIAD."

Association of Kosovo Businessmen




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AntExpo is a young, dynamic and professional company established by a hardworking, productive and solution-oriented team providing a wide range of exhibition services such as international booth sales and international hosted buyer programs, media planning and consultancy services for international markets.

Through the combined skills of the team, AntExpo provides its clients with a complete package of sales, marketing and consultancy services for increasing their trade volume.

With its high calibre, young and dynamic staff, AntExpo directs the companies in search of new markets to right destinations, develops strategies for improving their share in the market


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